Our Vision

Yeshivas Mekor Chaim is a boy’s yeshiva high school located in Baltimore, Maryland.

At Yeshivas Mekor Chaim we strive to create an atmosphere of warmth, simcha and kedusha. We provide our talmidim with the ability to self-actualize and find meaning in Torah. We model the mantra that Torah is not simply something you learn – it must become something you live.

YMC talmidim are instilled with the importance of creating a personal relationship with Hashem as well as a feeling of responsibility for Klal Yisroel. It is our belief that our students must become “baalei achrayus,” taking responsibility for their personal growth, ruchnius, academic accomplishment, and maturation. We offer a meaningful, relevant, and enriching Limudei Kodesh curriculum designed to give our students the skills and interest to become life-long learners together with a well-rounded general studies curriculum designed to prepare our students for higher education and become participating members in greater society. Our educational curriculum is further enhanced by an organized athletics program and regularly scheduled extra-curricular activities such as shabatons, outings, lectures, and activities that create a spirit of camaraderie and engagement within our student body.

At YMC, we believe in a synergistic partnership between the Yeshiva, talmidim, and parents. Together, we will create the next generation of Bnai Torah.

We set out to accomplish this through:

Engaging inspiring Rebbeim who will forge a personal relationship with each talmid.

Engaging Rebbeim and Teachers who will model the proper middos and integrity for our students.

Structuring our learning/Limudei Kodesh curriculum to allow each level of learner to succeed.

Structuring our general studies curriculum to provide real and meaningful information and life skills.

Creating opportunities for chessed to develop our boys into baalei achrayus with a sense of commitment and responsibility for the greater community.

Instilling a love of Eretz Yisrael and an appreciation for the sacred homeland Hashem has given us.

Creating opportunities for parents to partner in their children’s education.

Creating an organized athletics program in order to give the boys a positive outlet, build camaraderie, allow them to learn to create collaborative relationships, and cultivate a sense of responsibility for one another.

Creating a Yeshiva culture of mutual respect.