We provide an educational experience filled with personal growth, ruchnius, and academic accomplishments that results in a meaningful, relevant, and enriching high school experience.

We strive to provide a meaningful yeshiva experience to prepare boys for success in contemporary society. We offer skill-based shiurim so that our students can learn how to learn, while developing an appreciation of Torah.
Our comprehensive Torah and General Studies curricula are thoughtfully designed to provide our students with the tools and knowledge they’ll need to succeed as educated, engaged, and committed Jews.

Our teachers are constantly practicing innovative techniques to meet the needs of our talmidim. Our classes are designed to not only satisfy requirements, but to broaden the knowledge base, provide meaningful life skills and prepare our students for advanced learning. With an average student-faculty ratio of 10:1, our highly skilled teachers create an atmosphere of excitement and thirst for knowledge.

In addition to our rigorous academic program, we offer a variety of extracurriculars and an organized athletics program that provides students with a healthy outlet and builds camaraderie and important life-skills.

People often ask, “What type of student are you looking for?” The answer is simple, one with motivation. All we ask is that our students walk into our sacred Yeshiva with a desire to learn and grow. We will help guide them on their own unique track and help them achieve their own personal excellence.

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