ECC and Clubs

Advanced Art

Students are introduced to fundamentals of art including color theory and perspective and learn to use the elements and principles of design to express themselves artistically. Students utilize a range of techniques to develop a personal portfolio.

Business and Finance

Students gain knowledge and skills related to general financial responsibility and business acumen such as stock market, retirement funds, managing credit cards and more.


Students learn the fundamentals of chess. Through friendly competition, they can improve their reasoning, creativity, and problem solving skills.

Computer Science

Students learn the rudimentary aspects of programming. They then apply their skills to create their own programs, combining their skill level and interests into projects that are both enjoyable and produce a usable product.


Students spend time playing music in harmony. Together, they learn how to play in sync with each other and and experience playing at school kumzitz and other events.


Students are provided a creative outlet to develop their artistic vision and enhance their technical knowledge and skill.


Students learn to build, code and program a robot.


Students learn the skills and techniques of a certified scribe, studying the details of the letters of the aleph-beis.


Students learn woodworking skills and apply to create a custom project using wood, epoxy, and other materials.